The thing about reality: people can’t bear too much of it

Andrew O’Hagan on tweeting at an execution @ London Review of Books. Writers have seldom been strangers at the scene of an execution. As we know from his London Journal, James Boswell would think nothing of tipping up at Tyburn after a bit of the Old Peculiar on Westminster Bridge – horror was an essential… Read more »

Performing writing with my body

Daniel Nestor on his experiences writing in public @ Painted Bride Quarterly. Friday, March 11, 2011. A woman in large sunglasses and chunky jewelry, straight out of a movie’s end credits as “Arts Patron Doyenne,” plants her heels in front of me, as if hitting a mark. She looks down on the desk, up to… Read more »

The state of exile has the structure of a dream

Richard Byrne reflects on the essays and fiction of Croatian writer Dubravka Ugrešić @ The Common Review. Once upon a time there was a magical empire of letters called Central Europe. Its borders were fuzzy but recognizable. Vienna was its capital. The receding Ottoman Empire provided more of its territory. It was a place that… Read more »