Brian Blanchfield: On Tumbleweed

Blanchfield considers the place where tumbleweeds and visiting poets meet @ Guernica. Yesterday, a tumbleweed blew right up to my driver’s side door, at a stoplight, here in Tucson. Simpson westbound, turning onto the highway frontage road north. I was alone at the light. Two hours prior, a hard decision, I turned down the offer… Read more »

Kiese Layman: You Are The Second Person

Layman considers the differences between what’s marketable from what’s possible @ Guernica. You know that any resemblance to real places, spaces, people, time, or things is purely coincidental. Alone, you sit on the floor of your apartment thinking about evil, honesty, that malignant growth in your hip, your dead uncle, letters you should have written,… Read more »

Randon Billings Noble: I am a bird when I write

Noble reflects on being a writer in the writing classroom @ The Millions. Sixty pairs of eyes follow me for four months. Then another 60, for another four. Then — at last — summer, when I am free from those staring eyes, the eyes half closed by sleep, even the eyes that are illuminated with… Read more »

Tim Parks: My Invisible Sea

Parks explores his watery dreams @ The New York Review of Books. In 2006, despairing of doctors and official medicine, I went to see a shiatsu practitioner. I was suffering from an impressive array of chronic abdominal pains and bladder problems. The urologists had imagined an enlarged prostate but found no evidence of any pathology,… Read more »

Toi Derricotte: A Woman Writer Aging

Derricotte reflects on the language of a writer’s body @ TriQuarterly. What’s it like? If you’re not a woman writer aging, I can’t believe you’d be interested. Why would you want to read about difficulties that you think you’ll never have? Neck pain. Knee pain. Hip pain. I myself have not been able to admit… Read more »