The House Allows One to Dream in Peace

“A house protects the dreamer,” writes Gaston Bachelard. Drawing on this idea, Sandell Morse recounts her travels to a house that protected Jews during the war, woven with her own memories of the yellow stucco house she grew up in. “Toute le monde, everyone, knew it was a Jewish house,” Monsieur Le Hech said, leading me out… Read more »

Jaswinder Bolina on Empathy for the Devil

Bolina reflects on being somewhere outside the “us” and “them” of violence @ The State. On September 13, 2001, a man tells me, “They should find the people that did this and shoot them in the street.” He’s a tawny-skinned immigrant a generation older than me, a naturalized American citizen, and mostly a pacifist. There’s… Read more »

Raymond Evans on The Good War

Evans remembers the aftermath of war while growing up in Australia @ Griffith Review. It was dark under the school shelter as the rain came steadily down. All I could see were some other kids’ faces staring up at me. The Headmistress, Miss Buckley, was holding on to my mug of Bonox. She had said,… Read more »

Trauma has split my father into talking bone chips

Nicole Oquendo on the urns we live with @ Hippocampus Magazine. There’s not much about my father that I actually know. What I think I know now is that he’s getting skinnier by the year and old enough to stop doing things as he used to. Until the last few years or so, my father,… Read more »

True war talk is a hard sell

Marc Levy on the difficult work of telling a true war story @ Slow Trains. A well endowed private business school, the pleasing campus of red brick buildings and clean open space is a hub for future leaders of commerce. Most are well-heeled and upper middle class; they dress causally, walk softly, carry wallets with… Read more »