Sandie Friedman: A Lesson in Unlearning

Friedman contemplates the rigors of the flip turn, in the swimming pool and beyond @ The Nervous Breakdown. A young playwright named Dan taught me to do flip turns.  It was 1993, and he was teaching a swim class at NYU, where we were both graduate students. Once, we met on Mercer Street, and I… Read more »

Dylan Trigg on Confessions of an Agoraphobic Victim

Trigg explores the nature of his spatial anxieties @ The White Review. The title of my essay has been stolen from another essay written in 1919. In this older work, the reader is introduced to a man of ‘mid-life’ assuming the pseudonym, ‘Vincent,’ a sufferer of agoraphobia who has decided after ‘some time’ to ‘commit… Read more »

Nell Boeschenstein: Habitat for Humanity

Boeschenstein on cabin porn and the lure of the woods @ The Morning News. If you’ve ever left your hometown only to return, once or twice, or several times, chances are you’re familiar with the question, “What are you doing back?” As if being in your own town is akin to buying real estate on… Read more »

Thomas Heise on Fitzgerald’s Depression

Heise reflects on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s failures @ Berfrois. After forty, all life is a matter of saving face. For those whose successes have run out early, the years are measured less by the decreasing increments of honors achieved, than by the humiliations staved off and the reversals slowed. Among our canonical twentieth-century writers, none… Read more »

Francine Prose on When Art Makes Us Cry

Prose reflects on the fading emotion of art @ The New York Review of Books. During the spring of 2010, when Marina Abramović’s retrospective, “The Artist is Present,” was on view at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, it sometimes seemed impossible to open a magazine or newspaper without reading about the artist and her… Read more »