Nell Boeschenstein: Habitat for Humanity

Boeschenstein on cabin porn and the lure of the woods @ The Morning News. If you’ve ever left your hometown only to return, once or twice, or several times, chances are you’re familiar with the question, “What are you doing back?” As if being in your own town is akin to buying real estate on… Read more »

Rachel Button searches for The Birwood Wall

Button contemplates the physical and historical boundaries between black and white Detroit @ The Collagist. Detroit, Michigan: I found out about the Birwood Wall from a friend who studied social work in the city: A six-foot concrete barrier built in the 1940s to separate the city’s black-and-white neighborhoods. She told me that if I wanted… Read more »

Simone Ubladi: Destruction was inevitable

Simone Ubladi rethinks the rituals of Burning Man @ Meanjin. Burning Man is a raver Vegas, a sea of fireballs, glow sticks and laser beams spewed across a blistered prehistoric lake bed in Nevada. It is a week-long arts festival which has run for some 25 years, culminating each year in the burning of a hundred… Read more »

Has he hit you?

  Autumn Whitefield-Madrano reflects on being a feminist in an abusive relationship @ Feministe. In early 2001, a group of friends who had introduced me to my then-boyfriend sat me down at a kitchen table. “We’re worried about you,” one said. “Has he hit you?”The answer, at the time, was no. Ten months later, I… Read more »

The world no longer believes in suffering

Atif Rafay, a convicted murderer, reflects on freedom and punishment @ The Walrus. Once upon a time I saw a documentary featuring black and white footage of Glenn Gould, shot soon after his first recording of The Goldberg Variations, in which he had taken such extraordinary liberties — excessive liberties, some thought — with Bach…. Read more »