The Particularities of Their Bodies

The mysteries of sexual desires have for years provoked theories and laws keen on containing, erasing, or improving our sexual lives. Sexual stories illuminate personal as well as cultural insights. Richard Williams went searching for the ways architecture affects how we have sex. Here Bryan Thomas Rice relates the pleasurable paradox of his obsessions with anonymous sex…. Read more »

Barrie Jean Borich on the Craft of Writing Queer

Borich considers what we ignore when we talk about blurring the boundaries of writing @ Brevity. When I discovered creative nonfiction I’d just turned thirty, was self-schooled in queer and activist literatures, newly in love with the woman who is still my spouse, newly sober, even newly tattooed, and recently returned to university. I’d dropped… Read more »

I know myself mostly as someone’s partner

William Henderson recounts living two lives @ Sea Giraffe. The first few weeks in my apartment are lonely. I haven’t lived alone in more than 12 years. My friends try, as does Holly (who I have to learn to think of as my ex-wife), and my mother is here for some of it, but most… Read more »

It isn’t where we are, it’s who we are

Hugh Ryan reflects on what a map can’t show us @ The Morning News. PresentLenni and I take turns changing in the shelter of the bus stop outside the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, in San Juan. It’s August, we’ve been friends for two decades, but this is the first time Lenni and I have… Read more »