The Particularities of Their Bodies

The mysteries of sexual desires have for years provoked theories and laws keen on containing, erasing, or improving our sexual lives. Sexual stories illuminate personal as well as cultural insights. Richard Williams went searching for the ways architecture affects how we have sex. Here Bryan Thomas Rice relates the pleasurable paradox of his obsessions with anonymous sex…. Read more »

Richard J Williams: Room for Sex

Williams wonders how can architecture improve our sex lives @Aeon. Morningside, a late-Victorian suburb on the south side of Edinburgh is an extremely good-looking place, possessing an architectural integrity rare in Britain today. Never threatened by wartime bombs, post-war developers, or the vicissitudes of the housing market, this suburb has a direct line to the… Read more »

Susan Olding: In Anna Karenina Furs

Olding makes sense of her own affair through an encounter with Tolstoy’s heroine @ Masionnueve. So cold, it hurt to breathe. The squeak and crunch of snow beneath my boots, a flicker of lights from across the frozen lake. I walked quickly, swinging my arms, my whole frame vibrating, struck like a crystal goblet and… Read more »

Katherine Rowland: The Honey Trap

Rowland reports on a Stasi compound transformed into a free-love community @ Guernica. “I’m more of a sucker than a fucker,” remarks the impish woman standing beside me in the breakfast line. It is my first encounter with this diminutive Parisian, out of whose heart-shaped mouth flow revelations that leave me reeling. “We have the… Read more »