Animal Play

What if our animals create us? That is the question Justin Lawrence asked in his essay about the symbolic meanings we give to animals that then shape our sense of the world. Here David Graeber asks a different question about the behavior of animals. Why are we so often blind to the possibilities of animal… Read more »

Emily Urquhart: The Meaning of White

Urquhart searches for an understanding of her daughter’s albinism, inside and outside of science @ The Walrus. The visitors come from all wards of the hospital. There is an audiologist, a social worker, a lactation consultant, a rotating cast of doctors, and an endless stream of nurses. We have a private room, but our newly… Read more »

Oliver Sacks: Speak, Memory

Sacks explores the hazy fringes of our memories @ The New York Review of Books. In 1993, approaching my sixtieth birthday, I started to experience a curious phenomenon—the spontaneous, unsolicited rising of early memories into my mind, memories that had lain dormant for upward of fifty years. Not merely memories, but frames of mind, thoughts,… Read more »

Patrick Ryan and Grand Mal

Ryan recounts his mysterious seizures and the auras that still haunt him @ Granta. At the end of 1997 I was thirty-two, living in Richmond, Virginia and in a relationship that was approaching its third anniversary. My boyfriend and I were happy enough, I thought. We shared a rented house, cooked meals; accumulated electronics, bad… Read more »

Justin Lawrence Daugherty on What the Crow Does

Daugherty wonders if our animals create us at Used Furniture Review. I.Chinese mythology tells a story of the crow in the birthing of the world. Ten sun crows roosted in ten different suns orbiting the Earth, where they perched on red mulberry trees, with mouths opening up at the ends of their branches. Each day,… Read more »