Hall Stucker: My Eight Years With A Gun

Stucker recounts the fears that come with owning a gun @ Boston Review. “You’re sure this is what you want to do?” my cousin Danny asked as he turned off the car engine. We had just pulled into the parking lot of Davis and Sons, a large pawnshop in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. “Yeah,” I nodded,… Read more »

The world no longer believes in suffering

Atif Rafay, a convicted murderer, reflects on freedom and punishment @ The Walrus. Once upon a time I saw a documentary featuring black and white footage of Glenn Gould, shot soon after his first recording of The Goldberg Variations, in which he had taken such extraordinary liberties — excessive liberties, some thought — with Bach…. Read more »

Who is Anonymous?

Matt Hunter considers the rise of the anonymous citizen @ Zouch. It happened the other day when I was at lunch. I was walking near my office when I noticed a strange group walking north along the road. They wore all black, and had Guy Fawkes masks on their faces. An escort of bike cops… Read more »