Reconciling With Dubai

Maryam Wissam al Dabbagh writes about what it means to be from Dubai, and ponders the paradox of exile.  Do you remember how Dubai was? It’s a question I am often asked when the other person finds out that I was born and raised in this city. I cannot answer this question, like many others… Read more »

Gary Indiana: Memory is Never Anybody’s Friend

Gary Indiana on our idea of Cuba @ the London Review of Books. Events of a distant nature have an abstract, even occult quality in Cuba, as of things glimpsed through a scrim of fog. Last June, Granma, the country’s only newspaper, reported the death of Whitney Houston four months after the fact, like a… Read more »

Mick Hume: Homage to Orwell

Hume revisits Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia on its 75th anniversary @ Spike. George Orwell could have been killed twice in the Spanish Civil War. Once when he was shot in the throat by General Franco’s fascist forces; then when he was hunted by official Communist agents who, with the backing of Stalin’s Soviet Union, stabbed… Read more »

J. Malcolm Garcia: Revolution Downloaded

Garcia travels with the rebels in Syria @ Guernica. Aleppo: January—February, 2013 

Incoming An explosion. Followed by another . Downloading, Nizar says in the dark. He applies the language of the Internet to the live videogame outside. Incoming fire from the Syrian government he calls downloading. Return fire by the rebels, uploading. It’s going to… Read more »

Aaron Shulman: Letter from Madrid

Shulman reflects on the crisis in Spain @ The American Scholar. Since I moved to Spain two and a half years ago, my personal life has settled into a state of contentment I’d never before even thought to contemplate. I married a Spanish woman on an Andalusian patio with orange trees; my 89-year-old grandmother was… Read more »