Simone Ubladi: Destruction was inevitable

Simone Ubladi rethinks the rituals of Burning Man @ Meanjin. Burning Man is a raver Vegas, a sea of fireballs, glow sticks and laser beams spewed across a blistered prehistoric lake bed in Nevada. It is a week-long arts festival which has run for some 25 years, culminating each year in the burning of a hundred… Read more »

What is a journal, really?

John Kinsella records a year in the country @ Overland. When Tracy and Tim arrive, I’ll go up and close the double gates behind them. At this time of evening it would be usual to see roos, but none show. Their numbers are down. People have been shooting illegally in the reserve, and earlier in the… Read more »

Writing a guidebook to a country that no longer exists

Kate Grace Thomas reflects on travel writing amidst the Arab Spring @ Guernica. Libya: When to go: March to May: Honey and grapes; olives and dates. Libya in bloom. August: Late sunsets and live shows at Cyrene’s ancient Odeon. High season: High times. November to December: Winter sun, ocean breeze. (Wear a headscarf or wrap your ears tight… Read more »

The last relic

Jim Krosschell remembers the objects of a summer childhood @ The Common. In 1964, as a kind of recompense for, or salvation from, moving us to the treeless, waterless plains of Minnesota, my parents joined with Henry, my mother’s brother, in the purchase of a cabin in northern Michigan, and for seven summers thereafter we… Read more »

In the countryside, change is always a memento mori

Alberto Manguel on the the hectic life of living in the country @ Geist. When my partner and I settled in the French countryside, over a decade ago, my urban mother’s first question was: “But what in the world are you going to be doing with yourself all day?” Little could she have known (or… Read more »