Linda Judge: Growing Up With Strangers

Judge recounts her childhood between two worlds @ Meanjin. I could see my sister at the bottom of the hill that led to home and safety. She was younger and shorter than me and had fallen behind. Her face was red and I knew that she had started to cry, which would slow her down… Read more »

Rebecca Solnit Considers the Google Bus

Solnit on the poverty of wealth in San Francisco @ London Review of Books. The buses roll up to San Francisco’s bus stops in the morning and evening, but they are unmarked, or nearly so, and not for the public. They have no signs or have discreet acronyms on the front windshield, and because they… Read more »

Josh Shear: Awake in L.A.

Shear travels across the US, one coffee at a time @ Terrain. That moment when you’re screaming downhill into the valley, two hours out of Las Vegas into the setting sun with some too-clean ska music breaking through the speakers and into the air through the just-cracked windows. Everything orange is funny and the signs… Read more »

Teju Cole and Disappearing Shanghai

Cole reflects on the photographs of a changing city @ The New Inquiry. All photography is a record of a lost past. Photography does not share music’s ability to be fully remade each time it is presented, nor does it have film’s durational quality, in which the illusion of a present continuous tense is conjured…. Read more »

Taras Grescoe on Subterranean Gulag Baroque

Grescoe travels the paradoxes of history and art in the Moscow metro @ World Hum. I‘d come to Moscow not only to see the hell emerging on its streets but also to see the paradise beneath them—and because no straphanger’s round-the-world journey would be complete without a trip to the legendary Moscow underground. New York’s… Read more »