Jesse Smith: Florida’s Promise

Smith travels through layers of history and myth in the sunshine state @ The Smart Set. For 500 years, Europeans and their descendants have traveled to Florida from somewhere else. For many, this is a hopeful trip. Spring Breakers come for a week of debauchery; retirees come for golden years of warmth and sunshine and… Read more »

Mistinguette Smith: On Being Country

Smith wonders about the romance of the rural @ The Common. I was raised Up South in the 1960s, and I heard grown folk talk about “country” as one of the worst things you could be: Why you gotta act so country? Girl, that is some sho ‘nuff Geechee backwoods mess. Look at her country… Read more »

Katherine Rowland: The Honey Trap

Rowland reports on a Stasi compound transformed into a free-love community @ Guernica. “I’m more of a sucker than a fucker,” remarks the impish woman standing beside me in the breakfast line. It is my first encounter with this diminutive Parisian, out of whose heart-shaped mouth flow revelations that leave me reeling. “We have the… Read more »

Anna Maxymiw: The Boat Pull

Maxymiw stands with the boys along the water’s edge @ Maisonneuve. At the wilderness lodge, a fly-in fishing camp just south of James Bay, the female staff stays on land. The shoreline is for the male staff, for the boys. Girls steer clear of the water’s edge and stay away from the docks. And most… Read more »

Aaron Shulman: Letter from Madrid

Shulman reflects on the crisis in Spain @ The American Scholar. Since I moved to Spain two and a half years ago, my personal life has settled into a state of contentment I’d never before even thought to contemplate. I married a Spanish woman on an Andalusian patio with orange trees; my 89-year-old grandmother was… Read more »