Jon Chopan: The Cancelled Life

Chopan considers the fall of Kodak, and all that comes with it @ Fringe. “This city was meant to be photographed,” our tour guide tells us.  “A hundred years after the founding of Kodak and the rise of photography as an art and Rochester is still the center of the world for film.”  I expect,… Read more »

Teju Cole and Disappearing Shanghai

Cole reflects on the photographs of a changing city @ The New Inquiry. All photography is a record of a lost past. Photography does not share music’s ability to be fully remade each time it is presented, nor does it have film’s durational quality, in which the illusion of a present continuous tense is conjured…. Read more »

Judith Ortiz Cofer: The Cruel Country

Cofer contemplates a photograph of her mother @ Brevity. “Mourning: a cruel country where I’m no longer afraid.”—Roland Barthes, Mourning DiaryI study a photograph of my mother taken on her return to the Island as a widow in her forties. What do I see? A woman in a bright red top and black pants, neither… Read more »

Rolf Potts on Tourist Snapshots

Potts explores the traveler’s need for pictures @ Design Observer. In the fall of 2001, while I was living in the south Thailand border town of Ranong, I had a brief love affair with an Australian woman named Eva. I first met her on the swimming-pool veranda of the aging hotel where I was renting… Read more »

Alberto Manguel on Facing the Camera

Manguel wonders how much of a person the camera can capture  @ Geist. Photography is the art of definition. However objective or whimsical, measured or unfair, aloof or biased, experienced or amateurish the photographer, the eye of the camera determines the existence of a certain reality which then becomes for the viewer that reality, much… Read more »