Between Judgment And Spontaneity

Aging literary scholar, Mark Edmundson reflects on his final days on the basketball court. “Many activities that we pursue with particular fervor,” he notes,  “are attempts to make time go away, to let us live in a pure present.”  Edmunson finds in the art of writing and the art of sport a deeper awareness of… Read more »

The Truth and Lies of Typeface

What’s in a letter?  Do we believe the ideas set in one typeface more than another?  Michael Beirut questions what lies underneath the art and anatomy of typography. “I know in my heart that graphic design is important. Sometimes the fate of nations depend on it, sometimes it’s the missing link between a soft drink brand and Einstein’s… Read more »

Jaswinder Bolina on Empathy for the Devil

Bolina reflects on being somewhere outside the “us” and “them” of violence @ The State. On September 13, 2001, a man tells me, “They should find the people that did this and shoot them in the street.” He’s a tawny-skinned immigrant a generation older than me, a naturalized American citizen, and mostly a pacifist. There’s… Read more »

Curtis Smith and The Dark Mirror

Smith ponders what mirrors show us, and what we show them @ Cobalt Review. Busy today at my resource room work table. The radio plays Christmas carols and classic rock. The boy beside me punches numbers into a calculator. Another flips vocabulary flash cards. A girl sighs as she pages through a science text that… Read more »

Scott Russell Sanders: Buckeye

Sanders reflects on the beauty and poison of nature @ Terrain. Years after my father’s heart quit, I keep in a wooden box on my desk the two buckeyes that were in his pocket when he died. Once the size of plums, the brown seeds are shriveled now, hollow, hard as pebbles, yet they still… Read more »