Angela Stewart and The Boys of Karachay Lake

Stewart recounts how sometimes nature can revolt against its destruction @ Granta. When the fish in Karachay Lake, south of the Ural Mountains, Russia, went blind, not everyone stopped eating them. It was only a game. The boys, bored on a hot summer day, would wander down to the lake through the forest and pull… Read more »

What is a journal, really?

John Kinsella records a year in the country @ Overland. When Tracy and Tim arrive, I’ll go up and close the double gates behind them. At this time of evening it would be usual to see roos, but none show. Their numbers are down. People have been shooting illegally in the reserve, and earlier in the… Read more »

In the countryside, change is always a memento mori

Alberto Manguel on the the hectic life of living in the country @ Geist. When my partner and I settled in the French countryside, over a decade ago, my urban mother’s first question was: “But what in the world are you going to be doing with yourself all day?” Little could she have known (or… Read more »

All that I cannot understand

Gary Presley considers the symbols and mysteries of nature @ Fringe. I live in a place where the wind blows, not constantly but nearly so. Only on the hottest, most oppressively humid days does it stall. Only on a hard winter morning, all things ice solid beneath the weight of a sagging Arctic high-pressure system… Read more »

Tipping us into the unknown

  Nuria Sheehan remembers the comforting presence of nature @ Anderbo. I woke to the soft slide of wet grass under my legs as my mother pulled me up by the arm, dragging me across the open field where we’d spent the night. The sky was dark, a fragile pre-dawn light just beginning to pierce… Read more »