Catherine Tice: A Brief History of Musical Failure

Tice recounts her reach towards musical prodigy @ Granta. “One August morning, at the Marlboro Music Festival in Vermont, I sat in on a rehearsal of Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy – a piece I didn’t know well at the time, which is traditionally performed to close Marlboro’s summer season. It was gray and humid and some… Read more »

Molly Lynch: Safety Dance

Lynch writes on the controlled freedoms at Canada’s largest electronic music festival @ The Walrus. Montana is a twenty-six-year-old pipefitter who lives in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Apart from a yellow parasol, electric-blue short-shorts, and flip-flops, she’s got nothing on. She and her boyfriend drove over thirteen hours to this 200-hectare farm in southeastern British Columbia’s… Read more »

Andrés Felipe Solano: From the Past Comes the Storms

Solano reflects on heavy metal and the chaos of the mind @ Granta. When we were kids, my father would load us into the car with a couple of suitcases and a bottle of Chivas Regal. He’d drink the Chivas with his old school buddies just at the moment he arrives in Neiva, the small… Read more »

Saeed Jones on Nina Simone’s Gun

Jones ponders what writing can do in the face violence @ Lambda Literary. Nina Simone was listening to the radio at home when she heard about the church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama that killed four black girls. It was 1963. The year Dr. King wrote his Letter from Birmingham Jail. The year Kennedy announced the… Read more »

Murder music

Ilan Greenberg explores the homophobia of Jamaican dancehall music @ Guernica. On a breezy evening in mid-April a committee boasting some of Jamaica’s most venerable citizens convened an open-air meeting under the auspices of the department of government at the University of the West Indies. After almost a year and a half of sifting through… Read more »