Nathan Evans on The Medium

Evans searches for the message in an evening with a medium @ Hippocampus Magazine. The posters in the foyer of the theatre advertise the show as “An Evening With Psychic Medium Tony Stockwell.” My first reaction is to wonder what other kinds of mediums there are, and how interesting an evening it would be if… Read more »

Philip Connors on Stories To Live With

Connors reflects on a secret left behind after his brother’s death @ Lapham’s Quarterly. We tell stories about the dead in order that they may live, if not in body then at least in mind—the minds of those left behind. Although the dead couldn’t care less about these stories—all available evidence suggests the dead don’t… Read more »

Sean Christopher Lewis: I was 16

Lewis explores two very different experiences of 1994 @ Identity Theory. I was 16… I was 16 in 1994. I had a crush on a girl at my high school named Stacy. She was two years older — blonde hair, a grunge band on her t-shirt and a constant half-smile on her face — and… Read more »

Kathy Page on The Perfect Day

Page recounts an outing with her aging mother and father and the spaces between them @ Carte Blanche. It’s a warm day in late May, just perfect, and I’m as hopeful about this outing as I am desperate: the two of them, the three of us, we’ve always squabbled. Wrangled is probably a better word. … Read more »

But bodies don’t always hold their secrets in

Jacob S. Knabb on the things they say after a murder @ The Collagist. They say that the seven bodies of the slain couldn’t be moved for some time in order to get an accurate crime scene investigation conducted. Seven corpses stacked and frozen. The families weren’t notified until the following afternoon. The victims had been… Read more »