Josh Shear: Awake in L.A.

Shear travels across the US, one coffee at a time @ Terrain. That moment when you’re screaming downhill into the valley, two hours out of Las Vegas into the setting sun with some too-clean ska music breaking through the speakers and into the air through the just-cracked windows. Everything orange is funny and the signs… Read more »

Joe Mozingo: From Whence I Came

Mozingo, a white American, recounts his trip to Cameroon in search of his ancestors @ Guernica. This was where the thread first came into view, an old stone palace miles up a rutted dirt track, alone in the gum resin trees and elephant grass. We parked next to the wives’ quarters, a small village of… Read more »

Patrick Ryan and Grand Mal

Ryan recounts his mysterious seizures and the auras that still haunt him @ Granta. At the end of 1997 I was thirty-two, living in Richmond, Virginia and in a relationship that was approaching its third anniversary. My boyfriend and I were happy enough, I thought. We shared a rented house, cooked meals; accumulated electronics, bad… Read more »

Becky Hayes and Big Blue Nights

Hayes recounts the remaking of a life after a rape @ The Morning News Earlier this spring, stranded in Chicago for work, I experienced a jock’s dilemma: My team was playing in the college basketball finals and I needed to find a bar to watch it all go down. If I chose wisely, and if… Read more »

Laura Young on Relics

Young reflects on the material fragments of memory @ Fringe. There is a jar on the dresser along your bedside that contains the pulverized remains of your vertebrae. It is labeled with a date I recognize, and takes me back to the early days of our friendship. You were at the midpoint of living your… Read more »