Sandie Friedman: Warhol’s Last Starlet

Friedman wonders about all the lives she could have lived @ The Nervous Breakdown. Edie Sedgwick was my idol. As a junior in high school, I read the biography Edie: An American Life by Jean Stein and George Plimpton, so I knew she grew up on a ranch, the troubled scion of a privileged family,… Read more »

Jon Chopan: The Cancelled Life

Chopan considers the fall of Kodak, and all that comes with it @ Fringe. “This city was meant to be photographed,” our tour guide tells us.  “A hundred years after the founding of Kodak and the rise of photography as an art and Rochester is still the center of the world for film.”  I expect,… Read more »

Kiese Layman: You Are The Second Person

Layman considers the differences between what’s marketable from what’s possible @ Guernica. You know that any resemblance to real places, spaces, people, time, or things is purely coincidental. Alone, you sit on the floor of your apartment thinking about evil, honesty, that malignant growth in your hip, your dead uncle, letters you should have written,… Read more »

Moya Costello and Patricia Costello: I Don’t Remember

The writers reflect on a history of drinking @ Griffith Review This is a singular history of drinking – within one Costello family of Irish, French, Spanish and/or Italian ancestry, all of whom have associations with alcohol. But our first drink every day was warm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice. It was our father… Read more »

Sarah Nicole Prickett: A Woman Under the Influence

Prickett considers the genius of B.A.D. women  @ The New Inquiry. There comes a time when the way you are is not just the way you are, but also the way you might die.  There arrives at that time a word for what you said or hoped was indescribable, a diagnosis for your lure. Always… Read more »