Molly Lynch: Safety Dance

Lynch writes on the controlled freedoms at Canada’s largest electronic music festival @ The Walrus. Montana is a twenty-six-year-old pipefitter who lives in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Apart from a yellow parasol, electric-blue short-shorts, and flip-flops, she’s got nothing on. She and her boyfriend drove over thirteen hours to this 200-hectare farm in southeastern British Columbia’s… Read more »

Mick Hume: Homage to Orwell

Hume revisits Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia on its 75th anniversary @ Spike. George Orwell could have been killed twice in the Spanish Civil War. Once when he was shot in the throat by General Franco’s fascist forces; then when he was hunted by official Communist agents who, with the backing of Stalin’s Soviet Union, stabbed… Read more »

J. Malcolm Garcia: Revolution Downloaded

Garcia travels with the rebels in Syria @ Guernica. Aleppo: January—February, 2013 

Incoming An explosion. Followed by another . Downloading, Nizar says in the dark. He applies the language of the Internet to the live videogame outside. Incoming fire from the Syrian government he calls downloading. Return fire by the rebels, uploading. It’s going to… Read more »

Michael Bourne: The Tragedy of Truman Capote

Bourne considers the failed genius of Capote @ The Millions. In all of American letters there is no tale sadder than the biography of Truman Capote. A true prodigy, Capote was publishing stories in national magazines by his early twenties, and published his first novel at age 24. After dabbling in writing for the theater… Read more »

Escaping with Joan Didion

S.J. Culver reflects on the places we leave behind @ The Millions. Last winter, I wore the same snow boots every time I left my house for almost seven months. Minnesota, in the grip of a historically severe winter, was shellacked in several feet of snow from November to April—the kind of snow that doesn’t… Read more »