Sarah Nicole Prickett: A Woman Under the Influence

Prickett considers the genius of B.A.D. women  @ The New Inquiry. There comes a time when the way you are is not just the way you are, but also the way you might die.  There arrives at that time a word for what you said or hoped was indescribable, a diagnosis for your lure. Always… Read more »

Rebecca Solint: Fukushima Diary

Solint travels the ruins of a disaster @ The London Review of Books. When I met him, Otsuchi city administrator Kozo Hirani, a substantial, balding man in a brown pinstripe suit, was on the upper floor of a warren of small-scale temporary buildings that now house the town’s administration. To reach him I had flown… Read more »

What is a journal, really?

John Kinsella records a year in the country @ Overland. When Tracy and Tim arrive, I’ll go up and close the double gates behind them. At this time of evening it would be usual to see roos, but none show. Their numbers are down. People have been shooting illegally in the reserve, and earlier in the… Read more »

To live is to feel powerless and to be angry about it

Leora Skolkin-Smith reviews Jose Saramago’s last essays @ Quarterly Conversation. In September of 2008, at the age of eighty-five, Jose Saramago began to write a blog. His wife, watching him suffer the restlessness and anxiety of advanced age, had suggested to him that he try doing something challenging, as his traveling and own writing were… Read more »