Moya Costello and Patricia Costello: I Don’t Remember

The writers reflect on a history of drinking @ Griffith Review This is a singular history of drinking – within one Costello family of Irish, French, Spanish and/or Italian ancestry, all of whom have associations with alcohol. But our first drink every day was warm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice. It was our father… Read more »

Josh Shear: Awake in L.A.

Shear travels across the US, one coffee at a time @ Terrain. That moment when you’re screaming downhill into the valley, two hours out of Las Vegas into the setting sun with some too-clean ska music breaking through the speakers and into the air through the just-cracked windows. Everything orange is funny and the signs… Read more »

The healthy butcher

Merit Mitchell on the increasing consumption of ethically-produced meat in Canada @ MaisonNeuve. It all ends up in here. The bits and pieces, the undesirables. The trim. Kept cold in a fridge at minus twenty degrees Celsius, it moves through the silver grinder and squeezes out the front plate, like ribbons of mottled Play-Doh, into… Read more »

Indian food made me more English

Tony Judt on gastronomic encounters in the London of his youth @ New York Review of Books. Just because you grow up on bad food, it does not follow that you lack nostalgia for it. My own gastronomic youth was firmly bounded by everything that was least inspiring in traditional English cuisine, alleviated with hints… Read more »

A lovely Medusa

Elizabeth Pandolfi on the pleasures and dangers of a town made of tea @ Anderbo. Munnar. A town in Kerala, the only Communist state in India. Indians call Kerala “God’s Own Country”; if this is true, then Munnar is a new kind of Eden. You will find it high in Kerala’s mountains, an unending, undulating… Read more »