What Makes a Good Essay?

  Michele Filgate interviews Leslie Jaminson and Roxanne Gay on their two recent essay collections.  Both agree that a good essay needs to look both inward and outward, combining personal experience and larger cultural ideas, all grounded upon a creativity and intellectual rigor. Well, going along with what both of you said, I wanted to… Read more »

Has he hit you?

  Autumn Whitefield-Madrano reflects on being a feminist in an abusive relationship @ Feministe. In early 2001, a group of friends who had introduced me to my then-boyfriend sat me down at a kitchen table. “We’re worried about you,” one said. “Has he hit you?”The answer, at the time, was no. Ten months later, I… Read more »

How many F words are there in Feminism?

Rebecca Swift on the inheritance of feminism @ Granta. When I was eighteen, during my gap year, I worked in a boutique bookshop in Hampstead, to earn money towards a six-month trip to Australia. I didn’t earn much (£46.33 a week after tax) and didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I lasted six… Read more »

Why is there still a drive to prove women’s inferiority?

Sally Feldman considers the continuing marginality of women @ New Humanist. Last summer the Fawcett Society attempted to create a precedent: they challenged the legality of a government budget. In response to the coalition’s proposal for deficit reduction, which foresaw 500,000 public sector job cuts, the feminist pressure group put in an application for a… Read more »

I also became, for the first time in my life, a feminist

Sarah Menkedick on her own Mexican revolution @ WorldHum. I was walking back from the grocery store, loaded down with bags, when a man came up the sidewalk. I looked down and away. He leaned towards me and whispered, “F**k me.” The insistent pressure exploded. I lost it. “F**k YOU!” I shouted, and then continued,… Read more »