Tim Parks: My Invisible Sea

Parks explores his watery dreams @ The New York Review of Books. In 2006, despairing of doctors and official medicine, I went to see a shiatsu practitioner. I was suffering from an impressive array of chronic abdominal pains and bladder problems. The urologists had imagined an enlarged prostate but found no evidence of any pathology,… Read more »

Christopher Bram Dreams of Gore Vidal

Bram considers the influence of Vidal on his own writing @ The Millions. Gore Vidal was the first living writer to get under my skin — for good and ill, but mostly for good. With his death last week, I am still puzzling out how I fell under his spell and what it might mean…. Read more »

Patricia O’Hara: Dream Tracks

O’Hara meditates on where the train can take you @ The Common. The New York-New Haven train (three or four cars, caboose, and an engine) leaves my hometown for Grand Central Station by day, by night, by day again, clack, clack, clacking through my backyard. Behind the storage tanks of B.J. Dolan’s Home Fuel Oil… Read more »

Daydreams of the past

David MacFarlane goes walking down the street and into the past at The Walrus. As I was walking down Spadina Avenue in Toronto early one summer morning, I saw two workmen. They were replacing the old sign for a Vietnamese restaurant. One man stood at the top of a ladder. The other was below, looking… Read more »

The émigré dream

Paul Wilson wonders if certain nightmares could be communal @ Eighteen Bridges. In the nineteen-eighties I started having recurring nightmares. The nightmare part wasn’t so unusual: like many people, I’d had my fair share of dreams about being swept away by rogue waves, or driving cars that couldn’t make it up steep hills, or flying… Read more »