Francine Prose on When Art Makes Us Cry

Prose reflects on the fading emotion of art @ The New York Review of Books. During the spring of 2010, when Marina Abramović’s retrospective, “The Artist is Present,” was on view at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, it sometimes seemed impossible to open a magazine or newspaper without reading about the artist and her… Read more »

Mark Mann: Stupid for Art

Mann ponders the pleasures of ignorance at the art gallery @ Maisonneuve. There are a lot of stupid reasons to go to an art gallery, all of which are fun and satisfying for the first five minutes. These reasons mainly involve pretending that you are smart, that you are elevated, passionate, sensitive—in short, lying about… Read more »

Curtis Smith and The Dark Mirror

Smith ponders what mirrors show us, and what we show them @ Cobalt Review. Busy today at my resource room work table. The radio plays Christmas carols and classic rock. The boy beside me punches numbers into a calculator. Another flips vocabulary flash cards. A girl sighs as she pages through a science text that… Read more »

Simone Ubladi: Destruction was inevitable

Simone Ubladi rethinks the rituals of Burning Man @ Meanjin. Burning Man is a raver Vegas, a sea of fireballs, glow sticks and laser beams spewed across a blistered prehistoric lake bed in Nevada. It is a week-long arts festival which has run for some 25 years, culminating each year in the burning of a hundred… Read more »

They will be as forgotten and isolated as they are now

Janine Di Giovanni on the life and death of a young artist whose graffiti inspired Libyan protesters @ Granta. The drive to Benghazi from the Egyptian border is long: hours through a stark undeveloped land, rapids over deep ravines, then barren desert. When we reach the city, it is something of a surprise – a decrepit,… Read more »