The Truth and Lies of Typeface

What’s in a letter?  Do we believe the ideas set in one typeface more than another?  Michael Beirut questions what lies underneath the art and anatomy of typography. “I know in my heart that graphic design is important. Sometimes the fate of nations depend on it, sometimes it’s the missing link between a soft drink brand and Einstein’s… Read more »

Why are Writers Compelled to Write?

In meditating on the writing life, Scott Esposito explores the power of process in any creative effort. “One morning not too long ago I spent a restful hour of more or less genuine solitude with Rothko’s Seagram murals in a small room in the Tate Modern galleries in London. The room is dimly lit, as… Read more »

Sandie Friedman: Warhol’s Last Starlet

Friedman wonders about all the lives she could have lived @ The Nervous Breakdown. Edie Sedgwick was my idol. As a junior in high school, I read the biography Edie: An American Life by Jean Stein and George Plimpton, so I knew she grew up on a ranch, the troubled scion of a privileged family,… Read more »

André Aciman: Old New York

Aciman ponders an image of New York, then and now @ the Paris Review. The Sixth Avenue El train has just cleared the steep bend off Third Street. It is now picking up speed and will, any moment now, bolt uptown. Next stop, Eighth Street, then past Jefferson Market, Fourteenth Street, then all the way… Read more »

Barrie Jean Borich on the Craft of Writing Queer

Borich considers what we ignore when we talk about blurring the boundaries of writing @ Brevity. When I discovered creative nonfiction I’d just turned thirty, was self-schooled in queer and activist literatures, newly in love with the woman who is still my spouse, newly sober, even newly tattooed, and recently returned to university. I’d dropped… Read more »