Between Judgment And Spontaneity

Aging literary scholar, Mark Edmundson reflects on his final days on the basketball court. “Many activities that we pursue with particular fervor,” he notes,  “are attempts to make time go away, to let us live in a pure present.”  Edmunson finds in the art of writing and the art of sport a deeper awareness of… Read more »

Alberto Manguel on the Fountain of Youth

Manguel considers the pleasures and burdens of living an endless life @ Three Penny Review. Ten or twelve years ago, when I was visiting Berlin, Stan Persky took me to see Cranach the Elder’s painting of the Fountain of Youth at the Gemäldegalerie. It is a medium-sized canvas that depicts, in excruciating detail, a rectangular… Read more »

Jane Silcott on The Change that Ends Change

Silcott writes on all that one unlearns later in life @ Eighteen Bridges. My husband is a liar. When I complain about the wrinkles on my neck, he says, “What wrinkles?” Then I laugh because I don’t want to press the point. Would it be a good idea to have him examine, truly, the decay… Read more »

Kathy Page on The Perfect Day

Page recounts an outing with her aging mother and father and the spaces between them @ Carte Blanche. It’s a warm day in late May, just perfect, and I’m as hopeful about this outing as I am desperate: the two of them, the three of us, we’ve always squabbled. Wrangled is probably a better word. … Read more »