Remember the New Romantics?

Nicky Charlish wonders why the New Romantics lack a literary recognition @ 3 a.m. Magazine. This January saw a small but select gathering in London’s Covent Garden- the Blitz Club reunion. This wasn’t war veterans reminiscing about the London Blitz when the city was pounded by Nazi bombers night after night during the Second World… Read more »

All art comes from art

Bill Morris on writing, music, and the origins of originality @ The Millions Everybody loves a train wreck. This one started when Jonathan Lethem came barreling down the tracks with an essay in Harper’s called “The Ecstasy of Influence,” in which most of the lines were cribbed from other sources and then ingeniously stitched together… Read more »

A foreigner on your own soil

Farrah Merali explores the politics of Palestinian hip-hop @ Maisonnueve. In Jesus’ hometown there’s an underground hip hop studio. It’s tiny, just the renovated basement of a house, with black eggshell foam glued to the ceiling as makeshift soundproofing. The only hint of the studio’s existence is the colourful graffiti collage on the front door…. Read more »

Suavity and charm

Jeff Ousborne considers the importance of the sound of writing and music @ Talking Writing. We don’t listen to old pop songs for their subject matter: I love my baby; my baby left me; my baby still loves me; I’m leaving my baby; why doesn’t my baby love me? We listen to them, in Victorian critic… Read more »

Murder music

Ilan Greenberg explores the homophobia of Jamaican dancehall music @ Guernica. On a breezy evening in mid-April a committee boasting some of Jamaica’s most venerable citizens convened an open-air meeting under the auspices of the department of government at the University of the West Indies. After almost a year and a half of sifting through… Read more »