Tim Falconer Faces the Music

Falconer explores why so many of us love music but so few of us can sing @ Masionneuve. That piano was mocking me, I’m sure of it. A few years ago, I went on a writer’s retreat at the Banff Centre. My studio featured a Bluthner baby grand piano, which I had to water. Seriously…. Read more »

Josh Garrett-Davis: Ghost Dances on the Great Plains

Garrett-Davis on spiritual appeals to eradicate the white man @ Guernica. In the late nineteenth century, American Indian tribes across the Plains and the West endured near-apocalyptic losses. The eradication of bison, the passage of the Homestead Act, the invasion of homesteaders and gold rushers that pushed Eastern tribes west, the nixed treaties, the shrinking… Read more »

Lenore Greiner on Translating Respect

Griener explains Aretha Franklin to Nigerian immigrants in Italy @ World Hum. “Signorina, per piacere?” I looked up into the ebony face of a young Nigerian man, perhaps 20 years old, both of us students at the University of Foreigners in Perugia, Italy. His earnest, round face towered over me and he wore two sweaters,… Read more »

Saeed Jones on Nina Simone’s Gun

Jones ponders what writing can do in the face violence @ Lambda Literary. Nina Simone was listening to the radio at home when she heard about the church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama that killed four black girls. It was 1963. The year Dr. King wrote his Letter from Birmingham Jail. The year Kennedy announced the… Read more »

Hugo Race: Blood and Chocolate

Race balances music and demons on tour in Brazil @ Overland. Butcher and Alabama have been awake all night. They see me and I return fire with a jetlag stare – signals are exchanged. We’ve seen photos of each other online, even if we do look radically different in the fluorescent overkill of an arrival… Read more »