Catherine Tice: A Brief History of Musical Failure

Tice recounts her reach towards musical prodigy @ Granta. “One August morning, at the Marlboro Music Festival in Vermont, I sat in on a rehearsal of Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy – a piece I didn’t know well at the time, which is traditionally performed to close Marlboro’s summer season. It was gray and humid and some… Read more »

Molly Lynch: Safety Dance

Lynch writes on the controlled freedoms at Canada’s largest electronic music festival @ The Walrus. Montana is a twenty-six-year-old pipefitter who lives in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Apart from a yellow parasol, electric-blue short-shorts, and flip-flops, she’s got nothing on. She and her boyfriend drove over thirteen hours to this 200-hectare farm in southeastern British Columbia’s… Read more »

Andrés Felipe Solano: From the Past Comes the Storms

Solano reflects on heavy metal and the chaos of the mind @ Granta. When we were kids, my father would load us into the car with a couple of suitcases and a bottle of Chivas Regal. He’d drink the Chivas with his old school buddies just at the moment he arrives in Neiva, the small… Read more »

Hearing Voices

Doug Paulson goes looking in the spaces between our voices and our identities in his review of Let Me Clear My Throat by Elena Passarello (Sarabande Books). I take my work as a voice teacher for acting students ridiculously seriously.  I consider it my inestimable responsibility to instill a foundation of solid technique from which to develop… Read more »

Amy Butcher: Eminem as an Essayist

Butcher considers the art of rap @ The Rumpus. I want to say that I am talking and thinking and writing about Eminem lately because he’s released another album, and it’s blowing my fucking mind, but that isn’t it. As far as I know, Eminem is not recording a thing, and instead is painting his… Read more »