Jill Talbot: Memory Forms, Piece by Piece

Talbot recounts a time when remembering came slowing like an unknown sickness @ Paris Review. It’s unsettling how some stories come around again. When I was eight, my mother and I were in our garage in Lubbock, Texas, when she suddenly yelled, “GO!” and shoved me through the door. I ran to my parents’ bedroom…. Read more »

Andrés Felipe Solano: From the Past Comes the Storms

Solano reflects on heavy metal and the chaos of the mind @ Granta. When we were kids, my father would load us into the car with a couple of suitcases and a bottle of Chivas Regal. He’d drink the Chivas with his old school buddies just at the moment he arrives in Neiva, the small… Read more »

Teddy Wayne: The Smell of a Book

Wayne feasts on the pleasures of book sniffing @ McSweeney’s. I know e-readers are all the rage, but I’ll never get one. Call me a Luddite, but there’s something irreplaceable about a printed book: the heft of it in your hands, the striking cover, and, most important to me, its smell. I fondly recall hiding… Read more »

Anna Maxymiw: The Boat Pull

Maxymiw stands with the boys along the water’s edge @ Maisonneuve. At the wilderness lodge, a fly-in fishing camp just south of James Bay, the female staff stays on land. The shoreline is for the male staff, for the boys. Girls steer clear of the water’s edge and stay away from the docks. And most… Read more »

Tim Parks: My Invisible Sea

Parks explores his watery dreams @ The New York Review of Books. In 2006, despairing of doctors and official medicine, I went to see a shiatsu practitioner. I was suffering from an impressive array of chronic abdominal pains and bladder problems. The urologists had imagined an enlarged prostate but found no evidence of any pathology,… Read more »