Incomprehensible monuments of otherness

Rob Horning considers the experience of travel as a way out of consumer culture @ The New Inquiry. It has become harder to escape feeling like a tourist. Part of this is because cities are becoming more indistinguishable. In his essay “The City in the Age of Touristic Reproduction” philosopher Boris Groys notes how the… Read more »

Notice your life

Jonathan Johnson  imagines what the dead mean to the living on the anniversary of his mother’s death @ Ascent. One “The other day, when you told me it was coming up on five years, for a minute I thought that couldn’t be right,” Amy said as she packed our toiletries, passports and her camera into… Read more »

I sputtered out of the depths

Chris Wiewiora reflects on his life in pools at Frostwriting. I know all the pools I’ve ever been to. The first one I remember is West Virginia Wesleyan College in the mountains of my hometown, Buckhannon. The private Methodist school had an Olympic-size pool that the public could swim in for a small admission fee…. Read more »

Indian food made me more English

Tony Judt on gastronomic encounters in the London of his youth @ New York Review of Books. Just because you grow up on bad food, it does not follow that you lack nostalgia for it. My own gastronomic youth was firmly bounded by everything that was least inspiring in traditional English cuisine, alleviated with hints… Read more »

I also became, for the first time in my life, a feminist

Sarah Menkedick on her own Mexican revolution @ WorldHum. I was walking back from the grocery store, loaded down with bags, when a man came up the sidewalk. I looked down and away. He leaned towards me and whispered, “F**k me.” The insistent pressure exploded. I lost it. “F**k YOU!” I shouted, and then continued,… Read more »