The Truth and Lies of Typeface

What’s in a letter?  Do we believe the ideas set in one typeface more than another?  Michael Beirut questions what lies underneath the art and anatomy of typography. “I know in my heart that graphic design is important. Sometimes the fate of nations depend on it, sometimes it’s the missing link between a soft drink brand and Einstein’s… Read more »

Richard J Williams: Room for Sex

Williams wonders how can architecture improve our sex lives @Aeon. Morningside, a late-Victorian suburb on the south side of Edinburgh is an extremely good-looking place, possessing an architectural integrity rare in Britain today. Never threatened by wartime bombs, post-war developers, or the vicissitudes of the housing market, this suburb has a direct line to the… Read more »

Katherine Rowland: The Honey Trap

Rowland reports on a Stasi compound transformed into a free-love community @ Guernica. “I’m more of a sucker than a fucker,” remarks the impish woman standing beside me in the breakfast line. It is my first encounter with this diminutive Parisian, out of whose heart-shaped mouth flow revelations that leave me reeling. “We have the… Read more »

Maria Constantini and the Precocity of Shoes

Constantini ponders the magic of shoes @ Diverse Voices Quarterly. My passion for shoes began when I was four, the day my mother took me on a pilgrimage to Pompeii, where I stopped every few steps to bend over and wipe clean my immaculately white ankle-strap shoes. For those of us who rank sporting the… Read more »

Paul Sweeten on Men in Suits

Sweeten wonders if the suit is becoming extinct @ the Oxonian Review. While consumerism relies upon our being just as fickle as the sartorial seasons, the history of fashion suggests at least one consistency: that a garment once considered “casual” will eventually be thought of as “smart-casual”, then as “businessware”, and finally as something in… Read more »